Joseph Kosuth

Notebook on Water, 1970

Kosuth places his work under the sign of investigation. Notebook on Water (1965-1966), conceived in 1965-1966 while Kosuth was still a student at the School of Visual Art New York. These proto-investigations coincide with the beginning of the work done by Kosuth on the general theme “art as idea as idea”, in response to Ad Reinhardt’s precept “art as art.” Notebook on Water 1965-1966 is an excellent condense of Kosuth’s intentions and a manifesto for an aesthetic of deprivation. This publication perfectly illustrates the path towards an art of the elimination of the sensible, the cathartic passage from perception to idea. Only a few aspects will be commented on, which allow us to grasp the mechanism of the disappearance of form in favor of information. The book was published in 1970.

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