Artist book, 2018-2019
Wooden box, with zinc plate on front cover
Edition of 30 + 7 AP 

The book includes the a set of 10 etchings, etched and printed by the artist, in a limited edition of 30 plus 7 artist proofs numbered and signed in pencil by the artist. All plates printed on Saunders satin softwhite paper. The book includes the Arabic novel designed by Reza Abedini and published by Dongola Limited Editions, and one used copy of the English version of the novel by Tayeb Salih, collected from online retailers.



A Tribute to Tayeb Salih
Season of Migration To The North
Mohammad Omar Khalil

This book is a place of encounter, a journey, and a dialogue between Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North, and Mohammad Omar Khalil’s etchings which pay tribute to this infamous literary work.

Much in the way that Salih’s characters, Sudanese men educated in the UK who return home years later, straddle two different worlds, the etchings of Mohammed Omar Khalil also call away from definite borders – the borders between races and people, between cultures and forms, summoning of the pure aesthetic power. In many ways, Salih’s novel foretold the shift of discourse of colonialism and globalization to that of the hybridity, by emphasizing the ambiguous nature of dealing with a dominant other and arguing for an inclusive approach where one can “see with both eyes.” For Khalil, Season of Migration to the North is a seminal text that reflects on real socio-political and historical issues which dominate discourse and cultural production in Sudan. Reflecting on the complex relationship between the symbolic forms of the East and the conceptual art born in Europe, Khalil’s work also address the fluid, rather than fixed nature of boundaries in the postcolonial world. 

Mohammad Omar Khalil was born in Khartoum, Sudan, in 1936 and lives and works in New York City since 1967. Khalil is one of the Arab world’s most important contemporary painters, having influenced two generations of regional artists. His work, spanning over forty years, across painting and print-making, is in a privileged position between the canon of modern Arab art and the artist’s ground-breaking practice, searching for a dialogue between dissimilar cultures. Profoundly influenced by his travels throughout the Middle East – in particular Morocco and Sudan – and the art history of Europe that he became immersed in during his studies in Italy, Khalil has brought to life a pioneering form of art, in which elements and patterns from tradition merge with pop art and fine prints.His work has been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Americas. The artist’s work is found in different public and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, Grenoble Museum in France, the Jordanian National Museum and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Tayib Salih was born in  Karmakol in the Northern Province of Sudan, he studied at the University of Khartoum before leaving for the University of London in England.For more than ten years, Salih wrote a weekly column for the London based Arabic language newspaper al Majalla in which he explored various literary themes. He worked for the BBC’s Arabic Service and later  spent the last 10 years of his working career with UNESCO in Paris  where he held various posts and was UNESCO’s representative in the Arab States of the Persian Golf. After years of success as a diplomat and education advocate, Salih published Season of Migration to the North in 1969. The novel won immediate accolades from critics worldwide, and it remains his most famous book, alongside the novella The Wedding of Zein. His collected works, which include political essays, travel writing, and book reviews, are popular and widely available in Arabic.He died in 2009.



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